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Human as Disease :: 10,000 Volcanoes

Obfuscated Records

"Blackened earth, void of a once lush planet. Rain falls like mud and burns skin. Bones rattle and slide on shifting graves floating on the surface. The deafening rumble of 10,000 volcanoes. Black skies. All cries have ceased. Eyes melt with ash. A cleansing. For eon we tortured and raped her. Poisoning, suffocating, killing all. Vast machines committing genocide against our mother. She awoke. A last caress. Her molten blood poured from every surface. Choking, melting flesh, burning. Burning. This is the soundtrack to the new dawn. All hail the new dawn of 10,000 volcanoes." - Label description

Old school lo-fi dark noise.

$12 US PPD / $15 WORLD PPD
Paypal: wilt314@hotmail.com


In Stock:

Amputation Theory :: Voyeur
Cipher Productions

"Late 70s early 80s VHS adult love and noise. Junk noise, metal abuse, feedback, sweat, hair, bodily fluids, static, tape noise cacophony."

Raw erotic americanoise.


$10 US PPD / $13 WORLD PPD
Paypal: wilt314@hotmail.com

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