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On most of their releases, WILT walks a fine line between dark ambient and death industrial.. this release sees them tip the scales all the way over the death industrial line. Harrowing, blackened noise comprised of synths, guitar, junk metal, vocals, etc. This tape sounds downright evil. Listen in the dark and listen loud. Includes a DISEMBOWELMENT cover. 50 copies. - Label Description
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DDA:05 Death Season Compilation CDr + Darker Days Ahead Zine (Issue #1)SOLD OUT

Death Season, a time that comes annually when everything turns pale and cold. Feeling and Emotion all die once more as the cold and dreary season inbeds deep in your soul and has no remorse for the living. The sun never shines through the short overcast days and the long dark nights conceal all light. Death Season is a soundtrack to this gloomy/lifeless time of year. Includes new 2012 WILT track.

CDr comes with the first issue of the Darker Days Ahead zine, 20 pages full of negativity, controversy, erotica and obscurity.

$10 US PPD / $12 WORLD PPD
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James P. Keeler : Deconstruction of Magnetic Tape
Blistering new recordings using raw magnetic tape samples. Horrific noise collage. Side one incorporates a different composition in the left and right ears. Side 2 is the eclipsing moment of raw harsh noise based on magnetic tape manipulation.

$10 US PPD / $12 WORLD PPD
Paypal: wilt314@hotmail.com

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