BLIZZARD...Now Available

2xc30 SNOWBLIND Boxset

Blistering cold raw field recordings of the mighty Wisconsin blizzard of 2011. Tape 1 are raw unprocessed field recordings of the blizzard recorded in real-time via a vintage magnavox microphone and slimeline cassette tape recorder.
Tape 2 side 1 is a collage of all the glitches, freezing microphone sounds and malfunctions during the recording process very much akin to AUBE. Tape 2 side 2 is a representational track of what it felt like to stand in the middle of 60 mile an hour winds being blasted with icy snow. Harsh manipulations of the field recordings.
Packaged in a white box with black and white artwork and detailed explanation of the storm and recording process.

Hear a sample here: http://soundcloud.com/or-co/jpk-blizzard-promo-clip

$12 ppd US / $14 ppd WORLD
Paypal: wilt314@hotmail.com

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