Dan Hall and James P. Keeler
Variations for Acoustic Guitar and Magnetic Tape

Variations for Acoustic Guitar and Magnetic Tape is an epic soundtrack of improvised psychedelic recordings all nestled in an homage to magnetic tape. Each track alternates between Dan Halls improvised acoustic guitar to James Keelers abstract, yet narrative sound collages. Dans pieces range from traditional folk to drone to psychedelic randomness all recorded to 4 track cassette. While James juxtaposes a variety of tape manipulation, medium and recording techniques to create a landscape of obscure compositions. This release comes in 2 editions.

The first edition is a special art box created and hand assembled by James P. Keeler, where a series of paintings were created as a reflection of the sounds captured to tape. 10 reel-to-reel boxes that hold three tapes and a booklet were used as canvas. The 10 boxes make up 20 paintings, front and back, that all together form the painting called, “Variations”.

The second edition or standard edition comes with two tapes, insert and full color art on the outside. The outer art is a digital print of the entire “Variations” painting in its entirety.

File under: Sound Collage, Musique Concrete, Found Sound, Folk, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi, Field Recording, Improvised Music.

Art Box Set
Includes an 8 page booklet (6.75” x 6.75”), three cassette’s (c62, c62 and a c20) all packaged in a hand painted box. Signed and numbered edition of 10.

$25 ppd US
$30 ppd WORLD

Standard Edition
Packaged in a black vinyl case with full color art, insert and two casettes (c62 and c20). Numbered edition of 10.

$12 ppd US
$14 ppd WORLD

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