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Wilt "She Walks the Night"

Josh Lay’s Husk Records has been such a find. Every time I get a new package for review, I am elated to see another Husk item. This month I was spoiled enough to get the 7” and bonus cassette of Wilt’s “She Walks the Night”. There are only 100 copies of the cassette, so you’ll want to get in on that soon.

The 7” is a dark and sparse chunk of drone. Three songs that move melting iceburg style over your ears. It’s a concise piece of vision, metal but not metal, drone but not boring and dark as can get.

The cassette piece is a little more varied, but taking the 7” ideals a little further. Drones are condensed, sole organ notes swirl in your head while looped vocals contribute to some hypnosis, leaving you nodding out at your desk. The B-side of the cassette “She Walks the Night (reprise)” is a side-long track of drone with a litany of sounds coming to join, dissect, add and darken. 8/10 -- Andrew Murdock Livingston (28 April, 2010)

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