+WILT : 7" Review : Crucial Blast+

The newest release from Josh Lay's Husk Records is the label's first vinyl release, a 7" EP of skin-crawling necro-industrial from Wilt, who many of you might also know as the other band from the guys behind the industrial noise-doom band Hedorah. Wilt's brand of fiendish black drone-noize is always amazing, and this Ep delivers three tracks of minimal black drift and much heavier abstract crush that fans will definitely love. The a-side features the title track, an aural night-terror of crushing black synthesizer drone, recordings of howling wolves, oscillating buzzsaw sine waves fluctuating in slow motion, a blighted death ambience that is slowly joined by more layers of soft subterranean drift and minimal whir until a deeply detuned piano appears playing this low-register minor-key melody, a simple descending four note dirge that repeats over and over, spreading out across the increasingly ominous black ambience that becomes populated with tolling bells, howling arctic winds and distant demonic keening. The flipside has two tracks: "Cold Grave"'s grim two-chord synth drone becomes lost in a blizzard of black arctic wind, like a classic Norwegian black metal intro stretched out into a full song, the synth becoming seriously blown out, peaking into a distorted roar as the sound of blasting wind gets caught in a locked groove; and then "Haunting The Chapel" oozes in, a crushing blackdoom dirge with putrid low-end bass, hellish screams of the damned being flayed alive, a grinding murky black industrial dirge that sounds sort of like the black abstract sludge-noise of Sewer Goddess, but this is way more "necro", utterly pitch black and evil sounding, keening horns muffled in the distance, smears of eerie melody obscured by the dense industrial rumble and howling subterranean winds and viscous low end noise.
This version of She Stalks The Night that we have in stock also includes a limited edition cassette that has an additional four Wilt tracks. The tape includes the minimal dungeon ambience, droning black synth, clanking metal, monstrous exhalations and necro-industrial drift of "Invocation Of The Bride", "She Lives" with it's minor key piano, bass throb, and menacing factory noise, "SVF"'s horrific industrial wasteland of looped feedback yowl, distorted pipe organ, blackened hissing and whispers and looped voices, sounding like a horror movie score blasted through blown speakers, and on the second side, the sidelong "She Walks The Night (Reprise)", a minimalist return to the 7" a-side, a barely-there isolationist expanse of black ether, strafed by strange percussive noises, ripples of treated piano, tolling bells, and the flutter of black wings against the night sky...
Comes in a black and white sleeve with creepy high-contrast imagery; the 7"/cassette edition is limited to 100 copies.

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