+{OR/CO} News 121909+

The Institute for Organic Conversations
{OR/CO} News 121909

1. New CR/DE German review
2. New MP3s added to MySpace
3. In stock items
4. In the works (WILT & the {OR/CO} Label)


1. A review of WILTs new double CD “Cemetery Road/Dead Electroniks” is up at the Dead Electroniks blog, courtesy of German e-zine “Terrorverlag”.

Check it out here: http://deadelectroniks.blogspot.com


2. Several new MP3s have been added to WILTs MySpace page covering tracks from Cemetery Road/Dead Electroniks, Werewolf in the Black space (WILT + The Rita) and Scarecrow.

Check it out here: www.myspace.com/wiltsnoise


3. We currently have the following items in stock (last copies):

The Vomit Arsonist/Minotaur: split cs $8ppd US / $10ppd World
Wilt/Bereft: split cs $8ppd US / $10ppd World
Hedorah: Collected cdr $8ppd US / $10ppd World
Wilt: Cemetery Road / Dead Electroniks 2xCD $15ppd US / $20ppd World
Wilt: The Damnation Helix CD $12ppd US / $14ppd World
Wilt+The Rita: Werewolf in the Black Space CD $12ppd US / $14ppd World


4. Several new projects in the works for WILT and the {OR/CO} label...

WILT: Is in the process of composing material for two new full length releases called, “Gothic Architecture” and the long overdue, “Nine Chains to the Moon” as well as an E.P. for Josh Lays “Husk” label. Gothic Architecture will be most likely be released as a DVD + cassette. The DVD will contain short collage videos for all tracks created by Kevin Saylers of Sun Cult Video fame. Expect this to be extremely dark.

{OR/CO} Label: Several new releases in the works.

{OR/CO} 29: A double casette release of variations for folk vs tape vs electroniks from Dan Hall & James P. Keeler. To be released under their own names. This is not a WILT or HEDORAH release and will surprise many.

{OR/CO} 30: A new box set from ASTRONOMY featuring new member Mike Palace of HORCHATA utilizing his vintage wall of modular synths. The boxset will contain a CDR + 2 casettes. Final cassette lengths TBD.

As well as many more to come. More details and timelines to follow.

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