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Now available for pre-order

KATCHMARE + HEDORAH: The End of the World + The Complete Concrete Black Smokestacks Demo

Special art edition of 27

Double LP jacket with hand made mixed media collage + 2xCDR + 8 page booklet. Each copy is an individual collage.

Nightmare collaboration. Falling empires, drifting blackness and dirge electronics. Doom meets death.

Includes the complete Concrete Black Smokestacks demo from Hedorah, resting comfortably between black metal, fall of because and Godflesh with brutal noise undertows. Grinding, blinding black filth as you choke on the ash of human existence.

$20 US ppd / $25 World PPD

Rodmaker: Crusty Socks and Creamy Asians

Limited edition of 20 - c62

Bizarre psychedelics. Akin to Aaron Dilloway meets Smell & Quim. Plus 3-D artwork!!!

$8ppd US / $10 World ppd

Minotaur / The Vomit Arsonist: split cs

Limited edition of 25 – c62

New wave of US PE, US vs UK scum PE

Brutal pairing of east coast PE (The Vomit Arsonist) and European influenced PE (Minotaur). Romance novels for the fallen. Organic decompositions and clinical electroniks. The streets are extended gutters for the domestically challenged.

$8ppd US / $10 World ppd

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All orders ship in two week

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