{OR/CO} News 032909


1. Update: Blood of the Lamb LP (BLOODLUST!)
2. Distro: New WILT release available soon
3. Spring/Summer 09 releases
4. WILT studio news


1. Prurient + Wilt: Blood of the Lamb LP (BLOODLUST!)

Word from Dominick Fernow (Prurient) is that the LP covers and posters are complete and that the LP should be back from the pressing plant in the next week or two. All those who ordered the Complete Kingdom Recordings boxset will have the final chaper in their hands very soon. All our copies of the LP are sold out. Those who were not able to order the LP directly through us can purchase direct from the BLOODLUST! label. Act fast, as there were only 100 made of this amazing deluxe release.

2. WILT: Southern Cross (Cipher Productions)

In the next week or so we should be receiving copies of the limited Southern Cross release from Cipher Productions. The release contains a 40 minute cassette, lathe cut 7" and inserts all packaged in a black cloth bag with the WILT logo silkscreened on the front. Southern Cross is a a dark fusion of nightmarish blackened noise, sludgy atmospheres and BM folk. Orders are currently being accepted for $19 US postage paid / $25 World postage paid. Paypal: wilt314@hotmail.com

3. Spring/Summer 09 Releases

This Spring and Summer we have a very ecclectic range of releases coming out. All very limited with the emphasis on unique packaging and exceptional outsider sound. Details below:

Rodmaker: Crusty Socks and ... (Midwestern Subculture Series Vol.2)

Limited casette of weird atmospheres and psychedelics all encapsulated in a world of adult themes. Rodmaker is part of a mysterious midwestern subworld where tapes appear in the mail out of nowhere and imply a true outsider approach to experimental music. The packaging for this one is so intense that we've decided only to hint at its architecture and to let the final listener experience it in all its sobriety. Think Smell and Quim meets MSBR meets American Tapes.

HEDORAH + KATCHMARE: The End of the World e.p.

The title says it all. The most oppressive black noise doom hate ever to be recorded. Format and edition to come.

and more to come...soon!

4. WILT Studio News

After two solid days of recording, WILT is assembling a new batch of limited edition material for Small Doses, Danvers State Recordings and Phage Tapes. Along with emphasis on the upcoming 2xCD "Cemetery Road/Dead Electronics" coming later this year from Ad Noiseam. More details to follow.

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